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Stroke: The Sign and What You Can Do?


If You Feel Any of These

- Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body. 2)
- Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.
- Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes.
- Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.
- Sudden, severe headache with no known cause.

the cause are you (or maybe someone next to you) are experiencing 'mini stroke' the warning signs of stroke. Please don't wait, now you are allowed to rush to the nearest hospital and make sure you get the treatment within the first 3 hours. Beyond that, your stroke may be fatal (in 2005, 3,245 of them were fatal).

2. Stroke In Simple Dictionary
Stroke is a sudden impairment of brain function resulted from the disruption/blockage of blood supply to the brain. Either your brain blood vessel get bursts or get clogged, both may cut off the blood supply to the brain.

What's next? Since your valuable brain cells need oxygen and the only route to get that is by blood, any clog and problem happens in between the route may cause brain cells gets deprived from oxygen and nutrients. Since the brain is the command center for everything, your dying brain cells (or just very very tiny part of it) may further cause some severe impact including the long lasting paralysis, speaking difficulties (in some cases you can't even eat), and lost of muscular coordination (can't use your arms or leg).

All of that happens very quickly, very silently.

3. Some of You Choose to Get Stroke
Beware if any of you are currently lead the life as stated below.
- high fat diet
- Being single
- Being unhappy
- Being in hypertension (high blood pressure)
- Being obese
- Smoking
- Being women
- Being born in the poor dieting/everybody is a smoker family

4. How To Avoid Stroke
Since the effect of stroke could be temporary or permanent, partial or complete disability, it is your duty to take care of your body and perhaps avoiding the risk of getting stroke.
- If your blood pressure is high, follow your doctor's advice to control it.
- Avoid foods that are high in fat and cholesterol, and eat less sodium (salt), to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.
- If you have diabetes, keep your blood sugar level under control.
- Limit how much alcohol you drink.
- Quit smoking. If you don't smoke, don't start.

5. Alternative Measures
- Take a morning bath (before dawn)
- Drink water on empty stomach (Japanese doing this) immediately after waking up
- Muslim? Bow your head a minute to meditate after reciting dua.
- Do not eat both fish and meat/ or milk in mix during meal.

1. Got Stroke Already? Seek Help Then
National Stroke Association of Malaysia - Stroke therapy
Akademi Energy - Teaching stroke and diabetic course

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