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Good Card, Bad Card - Identify Your Habit For Better


Ever played this simple card game? Usually out of those from attending motivation seminar and so. This game Good Card Bad Card proved boring if you played by yourself alone yet if you do it in group, you tend to enjoy it. To put more challenge, you are suggested to run this game Good Card Bad Card among strangers. The key for the game to work (benefit you) is your honesty alone.

1. Bad Card First
Take a blank card (A4 paper or anything), write on your bad habit from the most negative number one to the last number 10 the thing that negatively lesser. Make it as short as possible so that you can easily accept/spot your bad habit of your lifetime.

eg: 1. Arrogant/Selfish
2. Lazy (as hell)
3. Shy (unnecessarily)
4. Boring (Not so friendly)

Makesure you put on at least 10 (yup, minimum bad habit should be ten, 1 to 4 are easily to write on, but when you need to agreed up to 10 bad behavior, you tend to be honest. Also, you in the process could easily then accepting your negative side, weighed the bad and sure, agreed to make a change. Let say you only been given 10 minutes (A minute for each bad habit).

2. After finished, read the Bad Card
Loudly (with confident). Sure, everybody in the room would Booooo you. But yes, that is what the game aimed for. To show everybody how bad you are. Then, shred the Bad Card and throw it away into the dustbin. Other members do the same. Booo them as well.

3. Good Card then for the Second
Put on as much what good about you as you can (Also in 10 minutes timeline). Read it by yourself (silently). Then, keep it inside your pocket (purse etc).

4. The game finished.

Moral: Good Card Bad Card game is designed for you to honestly identify your weakness. Agreed that you too have so many weaknesses. But your negative side is not what to keep, throw them all away, make a change for your own good.

You human is beautiful/perfect with imperfection, but when the imperfect thing is rather unnecessary, you must quickly change it for your own good. Throw them all way. It is much easier for you to change (leave the bad behind) when you really know about it (self aware - you have it).

PS: You are alarmingly bad if you hardly fill your Good Card in 10 minutes time. Change for good needed.

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